Small ball your way to big growth

Every once and a while a big marketing idea comes along – a landmark victory, a four-bagger, a game changer. One that propels your business to a new level.

Those sure are fun!

And while it’s certainly not unusual for startups or growing businesses to hit a few of these big ideas on their way to success, as a marketer looking to lead sustained growth it’s hard to build a long-term strategy built exclusively on big ideas.

So, while you’re working on the big win, one of the most practical, efficient and successful ways to keep pace and push the business forward is to play small ball.

Shoot for consecutive and cumulative wins

When it comes to delivering sustained growth, month after month, year after year I have to tell you I am addicted to small ball. For me, small ball  is the ability to consistently deliver small but meaningful wins on your business.

A 2% improvement here, a 1% improvement there and a 4% pick up in efficiency here – those small hits add up.  And as a marketing leader responsible for the continued, relentless pursuit of growth you’ll take them.

In fact, it’s something that you’ll want to bake into the fabric of your team – that’s where small ball starts to scale.  What if everyone on your team was able to push their piece of the pie forward in a small but meaningful way each month?  Now what about everyone on all the other teams?  It adds up fast.  Before you know it you’re finding your able to hit those big growth numbers and doing it consistently and repeatably.

So I say embrace small ball in your marketing efforts and shoot for consecutive wins. One after another after another. If you are measuring and learning then it’s easy to continue to find new executions to build off of the next. It’s a code I’ve lived by and has been a practice that has been responsible for my teams delivering again and again.  It also makes you feel like you can impact the business every day.

And that’s a good feeling.

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